I’m going to take a minute here to redefine a word: “poetry”.

This actually might take more than a minute, and thus, I apologize.

I’ve always liked art. I’ve painted, sketched, written, sculpted, played music, photographed, filmed, etc.

Growing up, the one thing I always loved was to read. I read and read and read. I had an entire bookshelf parked next to my bed from ages 10-17. By bookshelf, by the way, I don’t mean a shelf on a set of shelves. I mean, actually, a book shelf (one of those tall bookshelves from IKEA that they’ve sold for the last 20 years). When I was in elementary school I’d sneak into the middle school classroom and sneak books off the shelf, take them home, read them and return them.

I always wanted to write a book.

I was never able to play music very well. Despite all the instruments I tried, I always ended up giving up since I didn’t get good enough fast enough to satisfy myself.

I’m sorry, I digress. Back to “poetry”.

I always wanted to write a book but somehow I could never come up with something to write about. I’d come up with an idea, start writing and then the idea would go away, or I wouldn’t have enough other ideas to keep writing, or I’d get bored with what I was writing, or I’d think it was stupid, etc., etc.

I’d try writing stories but they never turned out long enough. Then I decided to get smart: I’d just take pictures, put them in a book and then say I’d written a book. Turns out, I also couldn’t decide on what pictures to put in a book, and why anyone would want to look at random pictures I thought were nice enough.

So, we come to present day.

I have decided that “poetry” could use a different meaning. Or, that I can at least redefine it for myself so that I can actually write a book and have it be at least a somewhat legitimate statement that I’ve written a book. This is because, ultimately, I’m probably never going to write anything besides random short pieces–but, using my new definition of “poetry”, I CAN write a book of poetry.

As of right now, I will be defining “poetry” as any piece of writing (two words or more) that means something. It doesn’t have to rhyme, it doesn’t have to go together, etc. There are no other rules.

Two people

Two people

Can be two things

They can be nice

And they can be mean

They can be many other things

But those count a lot

For how they’ll get on

No one likes a stranger

No one likes a stranger with a better idea.

If you haven’t been around long you’d better keep quiet.

You might know better but we don’t really care.

That’s not how we do things and it’s been fine so far.